Sunday, 14 December 2014

Two play dress up

This is what happens when you leave a suitcase laying around on a shoot. While shooting at a stunning location, we left a suitcase in one of the bedrooms, while we went to work outside. Well Natalia and Kacie thought it would be fun to raid the case and play dress up. As the preview clips and galleries show you, this isnt a full on hardcore clip, although the dildopants at the end are fun. There is shiny wear, swimsuits, cycle outfit and anything else they can find. Watch as they strip and try the clothing on. Somethings look so hot that they actually go out wearing them. I didnt know these girls like the dildopants so much, will have to make sure all the pairs are accounted for :) This is a fun playful set of clips, with the bonus being Natalia in pink swimsuit at the same location. Here we see her walk through and strip on the stairs. This clip was used for shinyx but we've had people asking for anything Natalia. Two amazing models with stunning beauty and perfect bodies. 

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