Sunday, 21 December 2014

More Ashley rider fun

Arriving at the room, Ashley finds a note on the bed and a couple of items to use. Now this gag looks so hot, its and isnt turn on, plus the mesh swimsuit and its fun time. We see her wearing the gag and using the toy, while she awaits the coach. This is a great build up for the next clip.

On being told the toys isnt supposed to go in her pussy but in her bum, just brings a cute smile to Ashleys face, with a little lube, thats where the toy is placed. Lots of pussy and bum play, which then turns into cock sucking and fucking. What a body she has, perfect in all ways and you see this close up and personal. This coach cant last long and the back of the swimsuit gets messy :) Look out for the smiley face, which keeps us safe :)

Ashley 1

Ashley 2

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