Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ashley Rider and Tango 2

Here we have Ashley summonded to explain why she had left the hotel and was seen by coach Tango. If leaving the hotel wasnt bad enough she was seen with 2 guys :) So now we see her in her swimsuit, agreeing to be punished. The spanking of her sweet bum, her being bent over got to much and some relief was needed. Ashley sucking cock while awaiting coach Tango.
Tango arrives and proceeds to make his deal with Ashley, lots of expert cock and ball licking, while still wearing her swimsuit. Before being bent over and fucked, the swimsuit is pulled back up, so Tango can grip the straps and thrust deep. Now the other coach is coming back to join and let Ashley take on 2 cocks, but Tango gets carried away with climatic results. The other coach then tells Ashley to return later :)

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