Thursday, 16 August 2012

Im in Swimsuit Heaven!!!!

Well here we go on a very special update, 3 different swimsuits for all tastes, 2 full bodies fron Nike and Adidas and a stunning final suit from Adidas. I think we have the perfect model for these suits, Chloe has all the sweet sexual curves needed to make these look so good.

From her telling you how good it feels, her hands running over the material, making sure it fits tightly. When she kneels on the bed or couch, well the view is stunning, a perfectly incased bum. These suits couldnt fit any better if you wanted and when her legs are pulled back, you gaze at the stunning beauty of a flexing suit. This is a swimsuit tease to be seen and enjoyed time and time again. One of the best sets of suits i've had the pleasure in shooting.

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